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Warkinz Mantles For Coleman® 3000 Lumens Lantern!

Coleman® has introduced its brightest lantern ever, the Northern Nova™ Propane Lantern. These outstanding lanterns feature push button starting and adjustable brightness using two tube style mantles to produce light up to a remarkable 3000 lumens! Warkinz Industries,...

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Why Buy a Gas Mantle Lantern vs. LED

With LED lanterns available, why should you consider purchasing a white gas or propane model using gas mantles? The best way to answer that is to ask, “Why am I buying a lantern?” The first and foremost reason, of course, is the desire for light.  LED lanterns have...

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Warkinz Place in the History of Mantles

Before Austrian chemist Carl Auer von Welsbach invented the gas mantle in the late 1800’s, open flame was the best method of creating artificial light. Von Welsbach’s new gas mantle created bright, incandescent light when lit. Throughout his scientific career, he had...

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National Mantle Company Opens for Business

National Mantle Company is pleased to announce that it is the new and authorized on-line store for legendary Warkinz Industries, Inc. mantles for gaslights and lanterns. The founders of National Mantle were previously in sales for a variety of outdoor products,...

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