National Mantle Company is pleased to announce that it is the new and authorized on-line store for legendary Warkinz Industries, Inc. mantles for gaslights and lanterns.

The founders of National Mantle were previously in sales for a variety of outdoor products, including Warkinz mantles through wholesalers and retailers.  At that time they came to respect and appreciate the consistent high quality and reliability of Warkinz mantles.  Realizing there was an opportunity to offer Warkinz mantles direct to consumers online for the first time, National Mantle was created to be an authorized online store providing superior Warkinz mantles direct to consumers at deep discount pricing.

Warkinz has been a well respected leader in the gas mantle industry for many years.  The gas mantle category had been stagnant for decades, with virtually no innovation for what was considered to be a basic product that could not be significantly improved.  However, Warkinz Industries changed all that in 1991 with the invention of their patented Quick Clip® mantles for indoor gaslights and outdoor lanterns.  The ingenious idea of having squeeze clips replace clumsy to use string ties changed the mantle industry forever!

As the patent holder, Warkinz private labeled Quick Clip® mantles for well known gaslight and lantern manufacturers, including some of the industry’s best known brands.  At the same time, Warkinz built a following with its own Warkinz line of mantles.

The Warkinz product line now features a variety of superior quality mantles for indoor and outdoor gaslights and outdoor lanterns.  Warkinz mantles burn bright, last a long time, are safe, and thorium free.

National Mantle is excited to be able to offer Warkinz mantles to the public online at amazingly low prices.  National Mantle’s commitment to customers throughout the continental United States is to always ship orders promptly with no additional charge for shipping and handling!

National Mantle is now open for business and ready to take your orders!  Check them out and place your order at