Below are Frequently Asked Questions about Mantles. Do you have a question not listed here? Contact us and we’ll be sure to get an answer.

How does light from a gas mantle compare to electric light?

Typically light from a gaslight from a single mantle is equivalent to a 50 – 70 watt incandescent light bulb.

How does the light produced from a gas mantle lamp differ from an open flame lamp?

Open flame lamp light flickers and is intended to set a mood rather than illuminate. Gas mantle light is consistent, bright and comparable to incandescent light bulbs.

Can I use a mantle with a hole in it?

You should always replace a mantle immediately if it has cracks or a hole in it.

Why do I need to pre-burn my mantle before use on a gas lamp or lantern?

Burning a new, unused mantle at the same time as attempting to light a gas lamp or lantern may result in damage to the mantle.  Always pre-burn mantles.

What do I do with a used mantle that I am replacing?

Avoid skin contact with ash, dispose of carefully in garbage and wash hands after handling.

Can indoor gaslight mantles be used outdoors and vice versa?
We recommend using mantles only for the purpose for which they are intended.




Do Warkinz mantles contain thorium?

No. All Warkinz mantles are thorium free.

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