MANTLES FOR COLEMAN® Northstar® Lanterns

(Mantles for Coleman® Northstar® models 2000, 2500, 2600 only)

MANTLES FOR COLEMAN® Northern Nova™ Lantern

Clip-on for Northstar® | #920E 

  • Flexible mantle
  • Tube style
  • One QuickClip® on top, one QuickClip® on bottom
  • Easy attachment, no strings to tie
  • Only for use with the following Coleman® lanterns:
    Northstar® (models 2000, 2500, 2600)
    Northern Nova™
Packing SKU Price Qty
Pack of 2 two-piece bags ($2.79/two-piece bag) 920E-2 $5.58
Pack of 6 two-piece bags ($2.69/two-piece bag) 920E-6 $16.14

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